Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Samsung LNT4665F 46" 1080p LCD HDTV

Samsung LNT4665F 46"
Samsung LNT4665F 46"
Samsung Android Sale - Samsung LNT4665F 46" 1080p LCD HDTV .
For those who are ready for the clearest, brightest LCD picture on the market today, Samsung presents the LN-T4665F. Full 1080p resolution is just the beginning: the color-saturated 46" picture boasts a 15000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, displaying rich blacks and capturing subtle nuances. A fast 8ms response time ensures smooth, lifelike motion. SRS TruSurround XT sound from hidden side speakers is enhanced by the premium audio sound of 2.2 channel dome speakers. Enjoy connectivity with all your other digital devices, with 3 HDMI ports and a full complement of inputs. And the handy HMDI-CEC feature lets you control all your CEC-enabled peripherals using just one remote.
15000:1 contrast ratio/550nitbrightness

  • As two of the most important determining factors in overall picture quality, contrast and brightness levels achieve new heights in this latest generation LCD panel. Samsungs new LCD TVs give the most stunning realistic picture quality ever from a flat panel set.Game Mode
  • Enhances dark areas, sharpens the picture, speeds up the image processing response andenhances the sounds of your games. Picture and sound quality optimized for the special needs of gaming systems at the touch of a button.V-Chip system
  • Allows blocking of rated TV and movie programs determined by the parent to containobjectionable content.HD-Grade 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
  • High resolution pixel density with built-in image scaler to handle inputs from a variety of digital and analog audio/ video sources.SRS TruSurround XT
  • TruSurround is a patented SRS technology that solves the problem of playing 5.1 multichannel content over two speakers. TruSurround delivers a compelling, virtual surround sound experience through any twospeakerplayback system, including internal television speakers and headphones. It is fully compatible with all multichannel formats up to 5.1 channels.